In medicine, gynecomastia is the term for benign breast growth in men, also known as man boobs. The enlarged breast is often a burden for many men. However, with surgical removal of the gland, this can be corrected. It is important to distinguish between pseudo gynecomastia, which is merely an accumulation of fatty tissue, and true gynecomastia with an enlarged mammary gland. A detailed examination, which often includes laboratory tests and/or imaging studies, determines which is the cause of the breast growth. Only then can surgical correction be considered.

What happens during the procedure for correcting gynecomastia?

The procedure of gynecomastia correction in men depends on how pronounced the male breast is.

  • If there is only a slight enlargement of the breast, often caused by hormonal fluctuations, it is usually sufficient to suction out the glandular body. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and is usually performed under local anesthesia. As with classic liposuction, the so-called tumescent method is used here. A comparatively large amount of fluid, consisting of saline solution, anesthetics, and adrenaline, is injected into the breast. The tissue liquefies and can then be easily suctioned out with the help of small cannulas.
  • If the gynecomastia is more pronounced, the suction of the glandular body is not always sufficient to give the breast the desired shape. In this case, the glandular tissue of the male breast must be removed through a small incision at the edge of the areola. Again, this can be done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. However, if the gynecomastia is very pronounced, surgery under general anesthesia is often recommended. In addition, a slight breast lift can also be performed to achieve the desired result.

What should be considered after gynecomastia surgery?

After surgical correction of gynecomastia, the patient is fitted with a special compression girdle, which he must now wear day and night for about 4 weeks. The girdle supports the healing of the breast and prevents the formation of bumps and wound water deposits. Already 1-2 days after the procedure the patient is fit for social life again. In the first 2 weeks after the gynecomastia surgery, the patient should take it easy. After that, physical activities are ok again. The result of gynecomastia correction is permanent.